Monday, November 2, 2009

Questions and answers and hotties and algorithms

I get more interesting when other people ask the questions, especially when a reporter like Herbert Krabel is asking them on behalf of, one (I have to be conservative with my superlatives, if that’s grammatically possible) of the original, and one of the very best, sources of triathlon information and journalism. Check out his interview with me, posted this past Friday. We talk about my book Trizophrenia plenty, so I can shamelessly link to that, too, but we covered a little of my history and personality and motivations. It's good stuff. Bonus: On Slowtwitch’s home page today, my photo ends up directly below a photo of triathlete Desiree Ficker en route to her 10th-place finish in yesterday’s New York Marathon. Media-wise, this is the closest I’ve gotten to a known hottie since the liner notes of Fountains of Wayne’s 2005 release “Out of State Plates,” when Frazz’s picture showed up just below the Playboy Magazine cover with Rachel Hunter.

If you’ve still got time after that, I’ll clear up a few odds and ends.

I’m not sure why this is – I’m not the most fluent computer guy, and I’m new to this blog-site business – but a lot of people , including but not limited to Mollie, Anonymous, my wife Patty and yet another Anonymous, were not having any luck posting comments. Mollie finally found a work-around, Anonymous and Anonymous went back to their busy weekend duties making faces and scaring people, and Patty just took it up with me directly. I’m currently addressing the problem by wishing really hard that it will go away and that you'll be patient and keep trying.

Speaking of Anonymous, my triathlete- and actuary- and generally more competent friend Steve went straight to e-mail and corrected me in that the proper term for the mathematical programming thingamadoo I’m trying to scam with my links to who I suspect the anonymi really are is algorithm, not logarithm. Much appreciated, Steve. I’m of North Atlantic heritage and very pale. If certain rude racial stereotypes hold any validity, I’m lucky to have any rithm at all.

Saturday I ran the Booathlon Duathlon in nearby Potterville, a town that’s just about the size its name suggests. I did the 5K run – 10 mile bike – 5K run with my friend Fran. Fran is blind, so we did it with the use of a tether and a tandem. It was a great match. She ended up Women’s Masters Champion, and I got to spend 10 kilometers racing right next to someone who still has no idea how bad I look when I run. Hold tight, folks, and hope for a boring couple of days. If nothing more urgent comes up, I’ll post the link to my Grand Rapids Marathon Uncle Fester photos Wednesday while Halloween is still top of mind, while there’s still uneaten candy. And odds are we know just what kind of candy it is: