Friday, December 4, 2009

Catching up on comments

TriGirl Kate O writes that she didn’t have to wait until middle age to live out the happy Saturday morning I had last week: “My uncle was chief of the Dearborn, MI firefighters. Following the remodel of the firehouse, he installed the brass pole in his own house and my cousins and I would have such fun sliding from the second floor to the basement!” Now, that’s cool. Dearborn, huh? I wonder if I’ve raced against Kate. Or if I will. I’m looking forward to meeting in person.

Maybe next weekend! I’ll be signing books at Kinetic Systems in Clarkston Sunday, Dec. 13 at 3 p.m.

VeloBen not only was part of my target audience for this month’s cartoon in VeloNews, he was my quintessential audience. Ben is a cyclist and a librarian. He said more of his fellow cyclists got it than did his fellow librarians. I’d like to assure Ben’s co-workers that I’m equal opportunity. I make all sorts of jokes that nobody gets.

In the education department, David adds to the chorus calling for me to reach for the sky and print up the strip from Brian’s Professor-of-the-year acceptance speech, while Anonymous, a retired teacher with a suddenly lower net worth, thanks me for going after the low-hanging fruit that is Wall Street. I’ll try to do the former, and was happy to do the latter.

Noel writes that I’m not just about gear and races with Frazz’s t-shirts, reminding me that I’ve dressed Frazz in a few shirts promoting non-profits, like his favorite cause, the American Diabetes Association. I also have a tendency to tout some favorite musicians, which I suppose doesn’t stray too far from the non-profit category sometimes.

Jim Smith and Jacob reassure me that sometimes inside jokes are more inclusive than exclusive. Nobody doesn’t get a Frazz joke because they don’t get the t-shirt, but if you put in the miles, or at least look at the right ads in the right magazines, there’s a little extra bonus for you on Frazz’s shirt.

So I’m feeling pretty good right now. Fortunately, we have La Professora to bring me back to Earth. I wrote about La Prof a previous entry, “I think I’d love taking his classes. Wouldn’t be easy. But I tend to screw up the easy stuff anyway." To which La Prof replies: “Like gender?”