Friday, September 3, 2010

Chicago Triple Challenge update

Ooh! The results are in for the Chicago Triathlon Triple Challenge!

I finished 17 overall, out of 72 finishers. Got beat by one woman, by one man over 40 (and by two seconds!) and no one over 45.

Just as with the Double Mussel, those last two categories are entirely of my own manufacture, but they make me feel good anyway.


JC Dill said...

Congratulations in winning your age group! (heh) I get tired just hearing about your triathlon adventures, my hat's off to you. I'm really looking forward to watching you compete in a tri here in the SF Bay Area sometime. Each time I shoot the swim exit in one of the "Escape from Alcatraz" races I wish you were here. :-)

runwithken said...

Go, Jef!

Every race is hard...and every race is thrilling...and (like you) after every race I look at the results for some way of slicing the numbers in a way that shows I was AWESOME! (Turns out I am never awesome. But the results always show that I finished, and often faster than I had in similar races...and in any case, the wonderful thing is that the ladies serving food and the men serving beverages never ask me my finish time. They just give me a big smile with a plate of some good food and a pint of some fine beverage.)

Keep running, Jef. And keep swimming, and cycling, and whipping through the transitions. YOU are awesome!