Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seeing double

So, barely two weeks after my column on how my 2010 season was still wide open, things have gelled. And by gelled, I mean gelled like the sports drink you forgot about in the bottom of the bottle you forgot about in your gear bag. By which I mean not bad, but interestingly.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have not just a season but a theme. Over years of being the Frazz creator and the VeloNews Cartoonist and the Inside Triathlon and Triathlete columnist and now Trizophrenia author and blogger, I've made some awesome friends who happen to direct equally awesome events, and evidently bamboozled them into believing I'm interesting enough to invite to their races. I'll list the events, and you can try and find the pattern:

April 10-11: Swim F.A.S.T. Escape Your Limitations, San Francisco. Saturday, swim Alcatraz to San Francisco; Sunday, swim across the Golden Gate.

July 9-11: Musselman, Geneva, NY. Saturday, Mini-Mussel sprint triathlon; Sunday, Musselman half-iron. (And most likely the Micro-Mussel on Friday, but that screws up the pattern.)

Aug. 14-15: Luray Triathlon, Luray, Va. International/Olympic-distance triathlon Saturday, sprint triathlon Sunday.

Sept. 18-19: Savageman, Deep Creek Lake, Md. International/Olympic distance triathlon Saturday, half-iron Sunday.

Actually, there are several common threads. One, of course, is awesomeness. Another is beautiful, challenging venues. But I believe we're going to have to dub my 2010 season The Year of the Double. (And I'm going to throw the June 7 Hawk Island Triathlon here in Lansing, Mich., onto that list, too. Because I can, because I should, and because I'll be racing and helping promote it, which sure feels like doubling up.)

Damn, life is good. And that's worth repeating.


Jim Smith II said...

I have no idea about the pattern, but I do have a question - As a dedicated non-triathlete (I'll stick to cycling and running until they let me do a triathlon with a surfboard), are you saying that you're going to be doing the Sprint/Oly distance on Saturday AND then the Half on Sunday? Would you sort of treat the Sprint/Oly as a "warm-up", like doing a 5k the day before a Half or Full?

Just curious...

Jef Mallett said...

You've got the right impression -- all those races are two-fers. (Events, rather; the swim two-fer isn't a race.) Since I've never raced that way before (not triathlons, anyway; a couple of pseudo-stage-races cycling, and the Nevada Passage), I'll have to feel my way along. I'll probably try to hit them both hard and hope I can find a good massage therapist for the evening between them. This could get ugly and lovely at the same time.

La Professora said...

Might be an odd question, but what does Patty do when you're completing the pattern? In my line of work, she'd be referred to as a "conference widow". Somehow, I can't imagine anyone married to you doing something as sedate as visiting the local shopping district while you're off "presenting". My guess is that she is part of the kayaking support team; in which case, you both probably need massage therapists.