Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching up

Watch Monday for information on a very cool Jef-centric event coming up in early March. We'll give the Cleveland Plain Dealer a chance to break the news first, and then I'll fill you in. It's going to be tought to please a town that just enjoyed its first Bill Watterson interview in 21 years, but I'll try.

So many great comments, and I'm more grateful than I can say. Or have time to respond to. But I'll try.

Liz asks, “How do you do your sourdough? I'm still trying to get the hang of it.”
This may be a whole new entry, or even theme. Are you asking about making the bread, Liz, or the sourdough culture itself? Oh, I could go on. And will.

Anonymous writes, praising my 500-yard pacer, “Yeah for Jessie! Gotta love those devoted swimming friends. Where else can you get cheered for on a daily basis?!” and all I can say is, I couldn’t agree more. But I’ll add that I’ve got a ton of friends from all sorts of sports, and nobody tops swimmers for instant friendliness. It could be that since you can’t very well talk while swimming, all the friendliness gets compressed and concentrated when you do have unlimited access to air. Or that, through most of my swimming career, I really looked like I could use a friend. Either way, I’m starting to wonder why anybody doesn’t swim.

Jeremy writes, “Uh-oh, I suspect I'm in the 3/4 category. How do you pronounce your name?”
It’s Muh-LETT. Rhymes with In Jeremy’s possible defense, I sometimes get the impression that it’s my family that gets it wrong, not three-fourths of the public. Mallett isn’t a common name, but I do see it outside family reunions every now and then, and when I do, it’s pronounced to rhyme with a small rubber hammer more often than it’s pronounced to rhyme with “rides like a jet,” no matter how hard I wish.

Another Anonymous thanks Bill Watterson and then thanks me: “…thank you for almost 9 year of Frazz (which I still love)... also, hoping this is not an attempt at foreshadowing.”
No foreshadowing, sir. I’ll write Frazz as long as I’ve got readers, and if the world tires of that I’ll write something else. It’s not like I can cut hair.

Steve writes, regarding the Nice Buns entry, “The word to add to your list is "callipygia" or "Callipygian"...which is a reference perhaps to your swimming partner rather than your bread.”
Steve, that’s another blog entry (and remind me if I don’t get to it soon). But I’ve got you covered.

And that’s about as much as I’ve got time to cover this morning. Swim meet at Brighton, Mich., Sunday! Aiming to bust 6:33 for the 400-meter free, which won’t keep me from doing the other freestyle events first or running today and tomorrow. I’m enthusiastic, but I ain’t real bright.


Noel said...

The name thing can be frustrating. My last name Schatz is German and should sould like shots. It made screening phone calls easy in the days before caller ID when someone would ask for Mr. Skatz or Schwartz.
I thought it might help if I named my kids Flu and Cheap, but the wife wasn't agreeable to those choices.
Don't worry Geoff,I'll try and get your name right whenever I drop it as my trianthlon and comic brush with greatest.(I finally learned to say Moninger.)

Jacob said...

I'm not sure if these links will work, but, while reading today's post, I thought of these strips:

Do your racing plans for the year still include the Martian? My team (UM-Dearborn Cross Country Club) might be working one of the aid stations again.

Jacob said...

But kudos to Steve. I would have never known of that word if it was not for Frazz. EXCELLENT word.

Liz said...

Actually, I was wondering both -- how to do a proper starter and how to bake it. I love a good artisan sourdough, but every source I consult gives me different advice on how to make them. This is okay when cooking (which is less precise), but not so fine for baking. I've been poking around with that "5-minute artisan" method, but the bread I get is too crumbly and dense. Some reliable info would indeed be greatly appreciated :)