Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Live in Grand Rapids, Feb. 23

Next up on the Frazz/Trizophrenia Book Tour is Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids, Mich. I’ll be at the 28th Street location Tuesday, Feb. 23, starting at 7 p.m.

I’m sure it will follow my usual format: I’ll draw some pictures, read a little from my book and talk perhaps a little too much until people in the audience get smart and start asking questions so at least I’ll talk about something they’re especially curious to know. The whole thing morphs into something more like a conversation, which continues until Patty and the bookstore staff begin taking exaggerated glances at their watches when I look their way, and then I segue into individual conversations while I sign books. If I estimate that there’s enough time – which I usually do and there usually isn’t – I slow the line down by sketching little pictures in people’s book along with my signature, and, of course, talking too much. The bookstore closes late and no one seems to mind.

I hope you can make it! If you want to build up to the event, check out a very nice advance interview in the Literary Life section of Revue magazine. It's "Living Full Tilt," by Joanna Dykhuis. She makes me look good and doesn't once mention that I talk too much.