Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How bad can it be?

There are three notable things I know of where you can follow this theme:

Nothing is as good as good (coffee), but bad (coffee) is right up there.
I used coffee just now because one of my favorite songs – John Hiatt again – is “How Bad’s the Coffee?” I didn’t use pizza because I don’t think there are any songs about pizza, and I didn’t use the third because more songs have been written about that than anything else in the world.

Actually, it’s more than just coffee, pizza and sex, and for starters I have to remember that “busy” fits the equation, too. Like, busy and out of control isn’t as good as busy and under control, but it sure beats idle. You’ve noticed from recent posts that right now I’m busy and out of control. We’ll see if I can walk the fine, fuzzy line between the explanation I owe you and destroying what remains of my privacy. (Note to identity thieves, old-fashioned thieves, vandals and snoops: My writing, whatever you think of it, is vastly more interesting than my private life anyway.)

So. My wife and I are moving. To a new city. Soon. Turns out shopping for houses and finding a house and planning and packing things and signing papers and hemorrhaging money and just plain trying to grasp the idea of it all take up a lot of time, and it’s not as if work and training slow down in the meantime (What am I saying? Training has taken the biggest hit of all.) It takes up a lot of thought, too, like just about all of it, which can’t make for the best blog reading. Sorry.

So with big-time crunch time coming right up, I’m going to see if I can’t cut back on the workload and make the blog more interesting at the same time. I’ll still keep up with the schedule, but I’ll post excerpts from my book, “Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete,” which, come to think of it, this blog was designed to plug anyway.

So enjoy. I’ll be busy, but like I said, it sure beats idle. And in the background, I’ll be playing “How Bad’s the Coffee?”, just because it rocks. And CAKE’s cover of “I Will Survive,” just in case I need reminding.

P.S. Apologies for not telling my fellow triathletes about this huge speed bump earlier. As in, soon enough to sign up for the Hawk Island Triathlon before it filled. It’s June 6 in Lansing, and it’s full and I’m going to be completely ill-prepared for it and I’m racing in it anyway. Anyone who wanted to race me when I was beatable will have to wait for … okay, any given race.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any busier, Jef! Good luck with the move - hope it's to a location that is good for training. :)

Jim Smith II said...

Good luck with the move. Those are always a challenge...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the move. I hope you were one of the lucky ones who were able to sell your home.
Just curious, where & why?
Better training?
Or, taking those coaches with you to some exotic place?