Sunday, December 12, 2010

Patty's grumpy

I haven't had much to say, which is why I haven't said very much in the past couple of weeks. But it occurs to me that, if I'm a professional blogger (is there such a thing?) I need to write even when I have nothing to say. So here I am.

I've been grumpy today, in part because our first major snowstorm of the season led me to cancel a scheduled (and eagerly anticipated) massage this morning. Instead, I stayed home and tackled a small portion of the mess that is our basement, which is to say the mess that is all the stuff we still haven't unpacked from our move in, um, June. This might have lifted my spirits but for the realization that we'll be lucky to have it all unpacked in another six months.

I'm grumpy because there are just two stinkin' weeks left until Christmas and I'm not even close to ready. Not a single gift has been purchased; not a single cookie has been baked; not a single card has been mailed. (Hell, we still have friends who don't know that we moved in June. If any of them have tried to call us, they're now wondering why our phone's been disconnected. We were hoping to let everyone know when we mailed our annual Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice letter, but it hasn't been so annual in the past few years, which also makes me grumpy.)

I'm grumpy because I've been slacking on the blog, and I have higher standards for myself than that.

I'm grumpy because I've gained a little weight since the move and my work clothes mostly don't fit me, and I'm grumpy because I haven't managed a regular workout since early April which is WHY I've gained weight and my work clothes mostly don't fit me. (I'm also grumpy because I have to go to work every day in pants that are a bit snug in the waist, which would make anybody grumpy.)

I'm grumpy because Jef works too hard. (Although I'm not grumpy about the extra time he spent putting together the special Frazz holiday series, A Mall and the Right Visitor, that's currently running online ( because he put that time in years ago. It's a rerun, and a good one.)

I'm grumpy because I have bills to pay and bank accounts to reconcile and I didn't get to any of it this weekend because I was too grumpy.

I'm grumpy because I have to go to bed now and leave you with this grumpy blog entry.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day...



Sara Davis said...

Poor Patty. It will get better. Its the only good good thing about bad moods- the fact that they never last.

Anonymous said...

We all have days like this, don't we? I'm glad you were willing to share yourself even when it isn't a rosy picture, because i still enjoyed reading our post. Good luck with the basement and all the rest! :)

Liz H. said...

You have my empathy, especially for the moving box hell. (If I didn't remember where I got every one of my books, I'd swear they were breeding behind my back.)

Some days it's just not worth pushing away the nice warm quilt. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Anonymous said...

But we're happy because we got to read your blog.

Lynne the Lurker said...

Oh darling. You're allowed to be grumpy. There is often too high an expectation put on the holidays. Give yourself a break and grump away.

La Professora said...

Better Grumpy than Sneezy or Dopey! If we were all Happy, we'd annoy each other no end. Finals are upon us, so I see all seven, in one form or another, taking the exams.

Noel said...

"Grumpy is as Grumpy does." If I may paraphrase the prophets.
When we moved this summer we found unopened boxes from the move twelve years previous. We also don't expect any great sorting of the boxes we haven't gotten to yet until the school break next summer. And we're aware that that is only a pipe dream in itself.
It's hard to believe anyone can stay grumpy too long around Jef. It's why I listen to raggae music on my commute home. Some things are just spirit lifting.

Ed Rush said...

I want to thank you for mentioning the link. I hadn't known about that holiday extra, and I'm definitely enjoying it. Oh, and be it known that I still have boxes from our last move, five years ago.