Thursday, December 23, 2010

Patty's made a little progress

Regarding my previous post:

• Wrapping paper and gift bags have been found in basement rubble (and supplemented with a couple of new purchases from the nearby dollar store—mostly tissue paper) and gifts have been wrapped.

• An appointment has been made with one local doctor, and a Post-it® Note with the name and phone number of the other doctor is sitting on my desk at work. (I'll even give myself credit—I called that doctor, too, but his office was closed.)

• has been checked out per JC Dill's instructions. I hope to spend a little more time with FlyLady this weekend.

It's small progress, but it's progress. Thanks for your help—I’ll keep you posted!


JC Dill said...

I subscribed to her emails. I setup a filter so they go into their own folder, so they don't overwhelm my inbox. If I don't have time to read them, I just mark them read. If I have time to read, I read and absorb the motivation.

I find that FlyLady's advice works best if you treat it like a 12-step program like AlAnon - "take what you want and leave the rest". Her basics are pretty solid though - clean your sink every night (it's the first step) because it's not as hard as you might think to keep it clean and shiny, and it DOES start your day off nice when you wake up to a sparkling clean sink. I'm not such a big fan of tied-on shoes, but I do find that I get a lot more done if I "dress to shoes" first thing in the morning. And I do tackle a lot of my projects by starting out with "just 15 minutes".

Good luck!

Liz H. said...

Hurray, congrats! Have a happy Christmas and bask in your success.

David Kraus said...

I hope January 3rd has found you well! Wondering how your spice rack was doing...

Regarding backing up cell numbers...some of the service providers have a uh, service, where they periodically save the contents of your cell phone so that whatever happens to it, the company has them. It is great for switching phones or for when phones get magically reset or run over. I am not big on extra services, but I find the $2 a month is worth it, as I usually need the numbers for one reason or another at least once a year.

FlyLady is awesome. Don't get overwhelmed. Small bits at a time. Now perhaps I should go write my essay for 15 minutes...