Monday, January 3, 2011

Patty's grumpy again (it won't last)

The latest update on the to-do list I posted here on December 20:
So I followed Verizon's clear-as-mud instructions for backing up my cell phone contacts. The overwhelming majority of said contacts are now gone. (This is why it's so easy to avoid doing things like this.) Was the fickle finger of fate zapping me for failing to complete this task by 12/31, as was my stated goal? (I was only three days offsheesh!)

Our highly overdue Christmas letter is now written, but the box of books we're donating to the library hasn't yet been delivered to the library. That means I'm batting .800 (.600 if you ding me for backing up my cell phone contacts three days late and largely unsuccessfully).

Also did lots of laundry on my days off (so laundry's no longer on my laundry list of stuff to do) and, in lieu of alphabetizing my spice racks, bought some really nice pull-out shelves at The Great Indoors, got Jef to install them, and got our small pantry cupboard under control. (This was not, in fact, a form of the productive procrastination I'm so good atit was very needed and is a huge improvement.)

Jef and I took the day off today and went to the Detroit Zoo. The last time we went there together, it was hot and crowded. Today, it was cold (29°F or so) and sparse. We spent most of our time in the Arctic Ring of Life, an extremely cool (literally and figuratively) exhibit that houses polar bears, Arctic foxes and seals. When we went to the zoo in August, we saw neither polar bear nor Arctic fox. Today, we saw both. It was terrific—we almost felt sorry for the summer-only zoo visitors.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Robert E. Zeitner said...

My secret is to start my list of things to do with things I have completed, and then take pleasure in lining them out. In that way the list doesn't look so formidable.

Anonymous said...

good on ya (your progress) and welcome back. glad to see you took time for yourselves and enjoyed a day at the zoo

Ed Rush said...

Fortunately, when I decided to get a smartphone, I got it at a place that has a 30-day guarantee. I bought a Droid, then found several things I didn't care for, especially that it didn't play well with my Macintosh. So I swapped it for an iPhone. Now all I have to do is plug it in and let the phone and Mac back everything up for me. Verizon took several months to undo the Droid account, but the store guy helped and all is well now.

As for the Christmas letter, we never got that done this year, so I'm resolving to phone the people who matter and offer substitute greetings.

BTW, today's Frazz is outstanding.

Lynne the Lurker said...

It sounds like you've made a good start on your list. Take it one step at a time!