Monday, January 17, 2011

Patty's still getting stuff done

Yet another update: I spent most of the day cleaning out (and shredding) old files, which was seriously needed and seriously overdue (Did I really need to continue to keep our copies of paid bills from our car insurance policies from the early 1990s? I'm thinking not...).

This allowed me to remove not one, but TWO items from the Post-it® To-Do list hanging on the cabinet above the desk. (FranklinCovey® Planners have NOTHING on the Post-it® To-Do list. Seriously.)

And while I haven't yet finished excavating the desk, I found several papers we were missing in the piles and, yes, filed them.

I cooked today, toohomemade chicken soup with rice.

So I'm making excellent progress on the stuff I threw out there for all y'all to see so I could embarrass myself into staying on task. I even swam once last week. (I didn't swim today as planned because I was making too much progress on the files to want to stop, but Jef and I will head to the pool tomorrow.)

So there you have it. And by next week, my goal is to have enough brainpower left at the end of the day (and far fewer undone tasks looming over me) that I might actually be able to write something interesting for you to read instead of just telling you about all the items I've been able to remove from my To-Do list.

Again, thank you!


La Professora said...

Yea Patty! Soon you'll have that desk cleared and ready for the stuffing of envelopes with the Christmas letter to meet the February goal!

I too was able to cross something off my list today: I weeded the front yard. See, there is a drawback to living where there's no snow -- the weeds grow year 'round.

Meanwhile, how's Jef's training for Boston going?

Robert E. Zeitner said...

You can always follow my technique in listing items already completed, and then crossing them off right away, making immediate progress.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and congrats on getting so much done. we miss BOTH your blogs

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you have sticky note to do lists (and that they work for you)! It's how i'm finishing my thesis: one sticky note at a time. Crumpling a sticky note is so much more satisfying than crossing out an item on a regular list. :)

Ed Rush said...

You should see for today (Thursday the 20th).

Jef Mallett said...

Awesome, Ed!