Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Still Patty and not Jef—the Detroit Marathon is a week from Sunday, so someone in this household is still highly focused on whether or not he might be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon there, still trying to get on top of his workload and still willing to turn his blog over to an amateur. Silly man.

It was a busy, busy work day, so I won’t write much tonight. I just finished lettering a Frazz strip for Sunday, December 5, though, which reminded me of a vaguely interesting story about how comic-strip deadlines can mess with one’s internal calendar: When Jef first started drawing Frazz, he got a phone call one day from his older sister in Florida. Martha was at the mall with two of her kids.

“Oh,” Jef said. “Back-to-school shopping?”

There was a long pause.

“Jef,” Martha responded. “It’s June.”

Ah, yes. The hazards of working ahead.


Noel said...

The Washington Post is running Frazz on its Kid Page only four days a week.(He is in the Sunday color comics.)
They pick and choose what to run for dailies and they sumetimes run them out of order. They did the peanut nose run already, so I'm getting deja vu riding it again online. While you and Jef haven't seen it for several weeks.
How's that for time warp?

I usually don't get the visual verification when I try to post back to this blog. I just keep typing in nonsense words and hitting enter until it finally shows me one to copy.(This time it took three tries, but it works.)

Elaine Howley said...

Patty- I've really been enjoying your posts this week! (Nice to hear from the better half once in a while!) Just wanted to wish Jef luck on the marathon next weekend. I for one have all fingers and toes crossed that he qualifies for Boston, as it would be awesome to finally meet you two in person.(You know I'm going to drag you out on the town, right? And possibly to the pool or lake, weather permitting??)
Be swift, Jef, and hope we'll see you in Beantown in April!

La Professora said...

I completely understand the predicament. When I'm trying to confirm plans for next week, my own romantic partner drives me nuts, as he's thinking simultaneously about today and 45 days from today. He's fairly sure he knows what day of the week today is, but it's location in this month is iffy. I've taken to posting a calendar on the inside of the front door and next to the bathroom mirror -- with all the important appointments predominantly marked. Thankfully, he remembers when our anniversary is without prompting!

Mike in NC said...

Thanks for your postings Patty and good luck to Jef at the Marathon!

Netagene said...

Patty, I enjoy your point of view! I buy books from abebooks, often large print. (I am able to read regular print, but it's hard). I just finished reading "A Redbird Christmas" by Fannie Flagg, and "Skipping Christmas" by Grisham (never say the movie [Christmas with the Kranks"] with Tim Allen) - and it was about 90 degrees here today!

A friend and I have been known to put in the earbuds when we ride the paratransit bus, sometimes listening to nothing, but merely to tune out things!

I kinda figured Jef was getting ready for another race because of Caulfield's and Jane's comments in today's strip! Good luck in the race!